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Our mission is to create Multimedia publications and Software for a worldwide market. All products are marketed under their own brand names, and are available for immediate purchase or immediate usage over the Internet.

All publications are carefully researched and designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. From small business software and publications, to personal self-help reports, we aim to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Some products are marketed directly via our own branded web sites, and are all available for credit card purchase, and immediate download.
Other products are marketed under license by various partner companies. Often these products may require local specialization e.g. for China , or may be integrated with other software on an OEM basis.

If you are interested in contributing to our success and creating your own success, then please see our Freelance section..


DigiLectual is a worldwide company, dedicated to development of Digital Intellectual Property

What is Digital Intellectual Property ? It’s Multimedia publications and eBooks. It’s software available for immediate download. It’s software services accessible by subscription over the Internet. It’s informative and educational videos and audios, and all types of multimedia.

DigiLectual are bringing together skilled people, all over the world, to design and create our applications. 

We use a Market Research System, specifically designed to study a range of different markets and identify what people and Companies really need. 

Too often software and hardware suppliers have simply created what they wanted to give to people …… but the customer didn’t want it ! This problem was and is so serious that we had the dot-com crash because customers just didn’t want to buy. 

When we’ve identified desired Products and Services, whether it’s a software application or an eBook, or maybe an Audio or Video, then we specify it in more detail. We choose the most appropriate person or team to develop this product, and give them a proven development methodology to quickly and successfully produce the finished application. See Freelance for more details. 

Then we market it worldwide, tailoring to local needs as appropriate.


We supplement our full-time staff with Freelancers in a number of areas. In particular, we like to use external software developers with specific expertise, and eBook writers with good writing skills and knowledge of the subject area.

We provide a fixed payment for the work, or sometimes a percentage of revenues for that product.

In return, our Marketing Department will give you product ideas and specifications, and then provide you with our own development methodologies to produce the best possible results for our customers. 

If you are from the Far East, then we are always interested in feedback on local markets, and in your written language skills. 

For all parts of the world, please send summary details of your skills and experience to freelance at digilectual.com (no phone calls please) and we’ll get back to you. Previous references are important, and if you can point to some relevant work that would be useful.

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